GOTY 2014 - The Schedule

Hey gang, 

It's Game of the Year season here at Silicon Sasquatch, and we've pushed ourselves harder than ever to put together a three-week celebration of 2014's notable games. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect:

Week 1: Category Awards

December 22-26, 2014

We're introducing a new set of awards in this first week of GOTY coverage that are tailored to specific accomplishments or feats within game development. These are intended to honor games that are exceptional in some way but may not place on our consensus-driven top-ten list. Here's a list of what the categories are and when they'll be going live (all times PDT):

Monday, December 22nd:

Tuesday, December 23rd

Wednesday, December 24th

Thursday, December 25th

Friday, December 26th

Week 2: The Top 10 Games of 2014

December 29, 2014-January 2, 2015

Here it is: the list you've been waiting for. This year's list is the result of yet another grueling, hours-long debate that once again threatened the very fabric of our otherwise amicable professional relationships. While each year is different, 2014 was just as contentious as the most divisive we've seen.

Monday, December 29th

Tuesday, December 30th

Wednesday, December 31st

Thursday, January 1st

Friday, January 2nd

Week 3: Honorable Mentions

January 5th-9th, 2015

Last, but not least, we collect each author's honorable mentions: a rogues' gallery of games that were either misunderstood or just didn't fit the bill for our collaborative top-ten list. If there's an author whose tastes line up well with yours, you're bound to find some forgotten gems or interesting-but-flawed games worth checking out.

Monday, January 5th - Doug Bonham

Tuesday, January 6th - Tyler Martin

Wednesday, January 7th - Spencer Tordoff

Thursday, January 8th - Nick Cummings

Friday, January 9th - Aaron Thayer